French MVP releases New Windows 7 books!

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MVP Thierry Mille recently released authored two books dedicated to Windows Seven.

The first book is entitled, “Windows 7 – Le Guide Complet” and is designed for an audience with little, or no prior knowledge of using Windows 7. This book reviews the different features of the operating system and highlights a number of areas which allow users to be productive in their daily lives. The book examines the Windows 7 interface and improved Windows Start menu. It then explores further themes such as, managing files and folders, browsing the Internet, security, and optimising the new installation.

The second book is entitled, “Windows 7” and is a pocket guide of the new features of the operating system. The book offers technical enthusiasts with a practical guide with a large number of tips and tricks to ensure an excellent user experience!

Order Windows 7 – Le Guide Complet here and the Windows 7 pocket guide here.

Please note the books are published in French.

Thierry’s love of Windows 7 extends yet further, he is currently writing a third book on Windows 7, which will be released very soon!

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