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Gareth GrugerThe Delegation Token Is NULL – Hybrid Free/Busy

Gareth Gudger is a Microsoft MVP based in the USA, specializing in Exchange and Office 365. He started his career in 1999 working on Windows NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.5. For most of his career he has worked in a consulting role, primarily delivering Microsoft technologies to businesses. He holds several Microsoft certifications including an MCSE in Messaging, and MCSA in Office 365. Gareth blogs at, a site focusing on Exchange, Office 365 and adjacent technologies. Follow him on Twitter @SuperTekBoy.




Introducing Flow In Microsoft PowerApps In Office 365 SharePoint – Part One

Manpreet Singh is a SharePoint Consultant based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's a Microsoft MVP for Office 365 Servers, and well as a C# Corner MVP. He's worked on 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 versions of SharePoint. Manpreet is experienced in all aspects of SharePoint activities - such as migration, documentation and enhancements. He's also been a developer, team lead, and consultant on the development of app projects. Follow him on Twitter @manpreethere.




maxime-labelleImplementing ViewModel-based Navigation In Your Universal App

Maxime Labelle is the founder of Moskitos, where he designs and builds innovative Enterprise Application Integration Middleware Platforms available as Cloud Services. He's been designing and developing applications using Microsoft tools and languages for almost 20 years. As a Solutions Architect, Maxime primarily focuses on systems integration and Service Oriented Architecture, but he also likes to keep an eye on software development and Application Lifecycle Management. Follow him on Twitter @SpringComp




An Interview With Dr. Scott Hamilton, Nine Time Winner Of Microsoft's MVP Award For Dynamics AX

Scott Hamilton has specialized in SCM/ERP information systems for manufacturing and distribution for three decades, and consulted globally with several hundred companies.  His publications include multiple books about SCM using Dynamics AX as well as two textbooks about SCM/ERP. His regular column “The AX Solution Architect” is published in Scott has been a frequent speaker at Microsoft and AXUG conferences around the world.  He has a doctorate in information systems specializing in manufacturing and taught SCM/ERP as an MBA professor at several leading universities.  He currently consults with manufacturing firms on ERP/SCM issues.



Embedding native controls in your Xamarin.Forms app

Gerald Versluis is a full-stack software developer and Microsoft Xamarin MVP from Holland. After years of experience working with Xamarin and .NET technologies, he has been involved in several projects and built several apps. Not only does he like to code, but he is also passionate about spreading his knowledge - as well as gaining some in the bargain. Gerald involves himself in speaking, providing training sessions and writing blogs or articles in his free time. Follow him on Twitter @jfversluis.