Delve Into 'Project Honolulu' For Windows Server, And More On The Friday Five

screen-shot-2017-04-11-at-3-09-10-pmMicrosoft Teams Announces External Access, With Caveats

Sonia Cuff has over 20 years experience in IT as a systems administrator and architect.  She started out in banking and government/defense with Microsoft and IBM software platforms. After supporting Small & Medium Businesses as a Managed Service Provider,Sonia now acts as a consulting virtual CIO with her own company, called The Missing Chair. Sonia regularly guest writes on various blogs and speaks on podcasts and at events and conferences. Connect with her at and on Twitter @Cuff_S

Running And Exploring A Docker Linux Container

Jaliya Udagedara is from Sri Lanka and is currently working as a Technical Lead for a software company headquartered in Australia. He's been a Microsoft MVP since January 2014, initially under Visual C# category, then .NET and now under Visual Studio & Development Technologies. He's passionate about everything related to .NET. Jaliya is also a TechNet Wiki Ninja and a blog author at TNWiki Ninja’s official blog. Follow him on Twitter @JaliyaUdagedara.


Project Honolulu: The New Future Of Windows Server GUI Management

Robert Smit is a Senior Technical Evangelist at and is an 8-year Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP. He's worked in IT for more than 20 years, with experience in the educational, health-care and finance industries. His past experience in the trenches of IT gives him the knowledge and insight to communicate effectively with IT professionals who are trying to address real concerns around business continuity, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance issues. His expertise lies in clustering, Storage Spaces, Scaleout Fileserver, SQL Server and Azure, among many other things. Follow him on Twitter @Clustermvp.


Azure Event Grid With Logic Apps And Functions

Abhishek Kumar works as an Integration Consultant at Datacom New Zealand. His main expertise is in Azure and Microsoft BizTalk Server. He is currently working on Microsoft new offerings, such as Logic Apps, Azure functions, PowerBI and API Apps. He is the author of Robust Cloud Integration with Azure, which is featured on Packt. Follow him on Twitter @abhishekcskumar.


Universal SMTP Code To Send Emails In .NET Apps

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan is a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies from Rabwah, Pakistan. His primary interest is .NET Core development, Microsoft Azure and ASP.NET Core development and training. He writes articles and blogs for beginners, and loves meeting students and startups over tea. Follow him on Twitter @afzaalvirgoboy.