Friday Five: SharePoint Customizations, The Future Of Microsoft DirectAccess, And More

The Beginner’s 10-step Guide To Managing SharePoint Customizations

Matthias Einig is an Office Servers and Services MVP and the CEO and founder of Rencore, the company behind the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) and SPTransformator. Matthias speaks regularly at international SharePoint and ALM conferences and community events and organizes SharePoint Saturday Stockholm, SharePoint Saturday Munich and the European Collaboration Summit. Follow him on Twitter @ mattein.

Building A Dynamic Floating Clickable Menu For HoloLens/Windows MR

Joost van Shaik is a 7 year MVP and Lead HoloLens and Business Apps developer at Wortell, Netherlands. He blogs a lot of highly technical articles on Dotnetbyexample, which has been running for 10 years, on various tech topics in the Microsoft stackm, and lately mostly around Hololens. His articles nearly always are accompanied by fully working examples. He is an occasional speaker and pod/webcast guest – recently on Windows Weekly, talking about his HoloLens apps. Follow him on Twitter @LocalJoost.

Part 2: Deploying Microsoft Intune Connector In An Enterprise World

As lead consultant and a Microsoft MVP, Ronny de Jong works for InSpark, the #1 Dutch Microsoft Cloud Integrator specialized in hybrid datacenter, modern workplace, business apps & managed services. Ronny’s primary focus is on Enterprise Mobility, Identity & Access management and Data & Threat protection. As proud community leader, he is responsible for a great team of highly skilled consultant’s caring for product innovation and adoption. He's actively involved in the community as blogger & member of Experts Live. Furthermore, he's a speaker at international community events like TechDays, Experts Live and user group meetings. Follow him on Twitter @ronnydejong.

Binding To The Window Title In UWP

Nico Vermeir is a Windows Development MVP based in Belgium. He’s currently employed as a Technical Consultant at Realdolmen, one of Belgium’s leading IT providers. He’s also the founding member and board member of the Belgian Modern App Developer Network, a user group focussed on modern application development. Follow him on Twitter @ NicoVermeir.

Always On VPN And The Future Of Microsoft DirectAccess

Richard M. Hicks is a U.S. based network and information security expert specializing in Microsoft technologies. He is the founder and principal consultant of Richard M. Hicks Consulting, Inc. and is focused on helping organizations large and small implement edge security and remote access, PKI, multifactor authentication, and application delivery solutions. Richard is the author of Implementing DirectAccess with Windows Server 2016 from Apress Media. Follow him on Twitter @ richardhicks.