Getting Ready for the 2012 MVP Global Summit

In just a couple of weeks, Microsoft will open the doors of its Redmond campus to MVPs from around the globe for what is likely the largest community event in the world.

More than 1,400 exceptional community leaders from 70 countries will be traveling to Microsoft’s world headquarters. They’re coming for closed door meetings and deep dive technical sessions with top Microsoft executives and a host of product teams.

The sessions are private and under tight NDA (non-disclosure agreements)—which allows for an open exchange of ideas. Microsoft product teams can share what’s new and what’s coming, and MVPs can provide their community feedback and real-world expertise. The goal: Strengthen community and enhance the experience of Microsoft customers.

Get a first glimpse into what’s in store at this year’s MVP Global Summit from Microsoft Community and Online Support general manager, Toby Richards, and the MVP Award program’s new leadership team, Lourdes Orive and Mike Hickman.