Six Countries, Six Events: MVP Community Connection 2017 in Latin America

[caption id="attachment_23105" align="alignnone" width="900"]Photo courtesy of CPM Juan Ruiz Photo courtesy of CPM Juan Ruiz[/caption]

The MVP community in Latin America has seen its fair share of excitement as of late. This March and April, six MVP Community Connection events were held in six countries across the region, including in Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina!

Organized by the LatAm MVP Award Team with support from local DX teams, all six events were on a mission to help participants learn new professional development skills, connect with each other, and celebrate the Microsoft community. It seems that they did just that. A whopping 96 percent of attendees said they were happy with the events. 

Community Connection saw a fair share of high-level technical sessions, however participants also spent time working on their soft skills; they learned how to put together successful and impactful talks, lead effective presentations, and improve their personal brands. Even more, the events featured Diversity & Inclusion meetings, at which women especially could share their experiences working in technology.

While MVPs have plenty of chances to connect with each other online and at smaller venues, Community Connection events create a space for MVPs to engage with partners on a larger scale. MVPs and MVP Reconnect members in Latin America got to spend time with the local DX teams - and leaders from Microsoft corp - to share their knowledge, provide input, and get some expert feedback. This not only helped participants to develop professionally, but it also gave them the chance to shape MVP Program strategy.

All in all, the LatAm Community Connection events really celebrated all that the MVP Program has to offer. Participants networked with each other over bowling games and dinners, made lasting connections, and inspired each other to keep working toward their professional and personal goals. Congratulations to all in the LatAm Microsoft community!