MS FEST 2015 rocked the Czech Republic!

Organized by Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) for the ninth time this year, the biggest technical conference in the Czech Republic, MS FEST, took place on October 10-11 in Brno and November 28-29 in Prague.

Held at two popular universities in the country’s largest cities, the event attracted 850 participants and delivered 97 deep technical sessions as well as three hands-on workshops. Fifty-nine MVPs, MSPs, and members of Microsoft delivered content along 19 tracks. The event, which featured Microsoft devices, products and technologies, as well as online MVA content, was well received by the students.

In the spring of 2016, this conference will be held in the same format in Bratislava, Slovakia as a joint event of Czech and Slovak MVPs and MSPs.

All sessions were recorded and most of the videos are already available on Channel9.