MVP Community Camp 2015 Roundup

This week, we are looking back at MVP Community Camp 2015 for a complete roundup after the 3rd and final ComCamp Online, which has recently concluded in Asia. ComCamp is one of the biggest online events in the region and once again it became trend setter for the community events.

With some of the great highlights including more than 3000 real time attendees, knowledge filled multi country parallel sessions, ComCamp 2015 made a mark in the history and swayed the team for much bigger initiatives in the near future. ComCamp enabled many technology enthusiasts and professionals with the great number of knowledge filled, in-depth sessions around latest Microsoft technologies solely carried by the Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.

ComCamp was divided into three different segments to showcase the strength of MVP Community in the entire region. ComCamp 2015 witnessed 129 MVPs from several countries across Asia delivering talks on different Microsoft Technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, SQLServer and many more.

As many as 90 ComCamp sessions are now available through Microsoft Virtual Academy as key learning resources for Developers and IT Pros around the world. Many ComCamp 2015 sessions are also available via Channel 9 and catering technology audience, worldwide including new & emerging businesses and student fraternity on major. 

This was truly a proud moment for entire MVP team for hosting such a great initiative, which led solidarity within the MVP Community. Thanks to all the MVPs who participated in the ComCamp sessions and shared their deep product insights with the broader audience. We are looking forward to deeper partnership and support in the coming years.