MVP Community Camps - 244 MVPs, 2 Continents, Thousands of Participants

This weekend marks the start of something special in technical communities across Asia and Australia, the MVP Community Camps! An estimated 5,000 IT, consumer and developer-minded technophiles will meet and discuss everything from Windows 10 to SQL Server. The Microsoft MVP Community Camp (ComCamp) is scheduled in 28 cities in 7 countries throughout Asia and boasts 244 MVPs as presenters and speakers. 

"The MVP ComCamp is a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, who works for leading organizations across the globe, on a variety of Microsoft and third party solutions," said Hyper-V MVP Alessandro Cardoso.  "The community will also have the opportunity to learn first hand the upcoming updates on Microsoft products and more importantly how that would benefit their business."

The goal for MVPs is to share knowledge and expertise in their own cities and countries across Asia and Australia. The goal for attendees is to expand their knowledge base of Microsoft technologies and services. One of the unique attribures of the ComCamps is that MVPs will spend time answering questions and sharing valuable feedback with attendees in an intimate setting.

Each country will deliver various sessions based on speaker and attendee needs. Some session will be presented in-person exclusively while others will provide streaming and video download options. Register now for an MVP ComCamp near you!