MVP Featured App: Halfwit

Client App Dev MVP Matt Hamilton has created a desktop Twitter client for Windows 8/RT titled Halfwit.   Tweets are presented as a single column, with mentions (even from people you don't follow), direct messages and search results integrated into the stream.  Halfwit's "trial" version is exactly the same as the full version and has no limitations (with a suggested donation if you enjoy using it).

Matt explains his reasons behind creating Halfwit:  “I tried lots of different clients but none had exactly the look and feel I wanted. When Windows 8 was released, it seemed like a great opportunity to learn the WinRT platform by rewriting Halfwit as a Windows Store app.” 

Matt’s experience with the MVP Program has been quite positive in terms of making connections.   “Being an MVP is all about networking - with Microsofties, other MVPs and the broader community. Getting to know experts in relevant fields means I know who to follow to keep abreast of the development technologies I use, and of new ones that I might not have known about otherwise.”