MVP Featured App: Notepad Classic

Visual Studio ALM MVP Robert MacLean has released an app for Windows 8 titled Notepad Classic.

Screen shot 1

Robert was inspired to create the app primarily as a learning experience: “This app taught me a lot about how to build Windows Store apps, which enabled me to offer technology advice to various communities. There are obvious big learnings, but also smaller nuances of the platform that you learn by doing something more complex than "Hello World."  It is not all about learning new technologies.  I had to learn a lot about some fundamentals in text encodings.”

Notepad Classic also garnered great exposure for Robert, winning the TotalApps competition through Microsoft South Africa.  Notepad Classic was also a finalist in Microsoft & StackOverflow’s competition, Apptivate.  “I didn't build the app to make money or win competitions,” Robert explained, “but as a side effect of wanting to learn and share, it was really great!

Notepad Classic is a reimagining of Windows Notepad, taking advantage of Windows 8’s features and style.  Notepad Classic also adds additional features such as spell check.

Robert MacLean received strong support from his MVP colleagues.  “My MVP experience helped a lot in the app development.  In particular, I was able to reach out for help to the same communities, forums and websites I go to to help others.”


Nestled in a typical open plan development office at BBD, you will find Visual Studio ALM MVP Robert MacLean’s desk, where this passionate technology specialist is often working on the latest and greatest technology from Microsoft. This desk is often vacant as he can often be found presenting, demoing, networking or drinking free beer at many conferences, events, user groups and communities. When not at work or at community events, he can be found still coding for his many personal projects that he hopes will bring him fame and fortune, or at least a thank you from a person who has benefited from them, or for Microsoft through his involvement in the Microsoft Rangers. He often shares his thoughts, lesson learned and tools on his website or on Twitter.