MVP Friday Five: January 20, 2012

We have another great MVP Friday Five for you all this week. This week’s article cover a wide variety of expertise, and each article is filled with expert how-to’s and step by step information from MVPs.  These articles are just a few examples of the incredible content MVPs provide to the tech community every day!


1. Windows Azure Storage Client Library for Windows Phone: Part 1

By Connected System Developer MVP Dhananjay Kumar | @debug_mode

Dhananjay discusses some of the ways you can work with Windows Azure storage client library for Windows Phone.


2. Filtering by Columns

By Excel MVP Tom Urtis | @TomUrtis

In this article Tom explains two methods for filtering rows by individual columns including one with Data Validation and another with a UserForm interface.


3. Using SCOM as a basic configuration audit system – Part 6

By System Center Cloud and Datacenter management MVP Daniele Grandini | @DanieleGrandini

This is the final post in a series Daniele has published about using SCROM. In this post he discusses the compliance checking monitor component.


4. Building a Multi-Touch Photo Viewer Control

By Silverlight MVP Morten Nielsen | @dotMorten

Morten shares a simple reusable control that allows users to use their fingers to pinch zoom and drag using the touch screen on a Windows Phone using very little xaml.


5. Windows Phone 7 DB Connection Settings Helper

By ASP.NET/IIS MVP Lohith Nagaraj | @kashyapa

In this post Lohith has put together a helper class which will do all the magic under the hood but expose pre-defined parameters for the connection string for Windows Phone 7 as properties. At the usage level, you just have to instantiate this and set some properties and call a method to extract the connection string.


If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please reach out to your MVP Lead or provide your URL in the comments section below!