MVP Friday Five: January 6, 2012

Welcome to the first MVP Friday Five for 2012! Each week, we highlight five MVP blogs that showcase some of the great tips, tricks and insights MVPs are known for—and that set them apart as community leaders. This week we have another great set of articles for your enjoyment.

1. SharePoint & CRM Online Document Management

By Dynamics CRM MVP Donna Edwards | @edwardsdna

Donna takes us step-by-step through the process for integrating CRM Online with SharePoint Online to leverage SharePoint’s document management features.


2. Enable Tab Order and Other Commands in Visual Studio Express Edition

By Visual Basic MVP Rod Stephens

In this how-to article Rod show you how to add a Tab Order command that lets you set the tab order of controls on a form by clicking on them to Visual Studio Express Edition.


3. Create a List of Rules in Outlook

By Outlook MVP Diane Poremsky | @dicot

Diane shares a VBA code sample that creates a text file containing a list of rules, in the order they are listed in Rules and Alerts.


4. Layer 1 or Layer 2 Hypervisor? A Common Misconception of Hyper-V, and a Brief Explanation of the Parent Partition

By Windows Expert- IT Pro MVP Mitch Garvis | @Mgarvis

Mitch describes the difference between Layer 2 and layer 2 hypervisors, clears up a common misconception of Hyper-V and explains the Parent Partition using an illustrative story about how Montreal came to build a mall under a Cathedral.


5. SQL Server 2012 Windowing Functions Part 2 of 2: New Analytic Functions

By SQL Server MVP Leonard Lobel

In this second part of his two-part article on windowing functions in SQL Server 2012, Leonard explains the new T-SQL analytic windowing functions in SQL Server 2012.


If you’re an MVP and would like your blog posts considered for our MVP Friday Five, please reach out to your MVP Lead or provide your URL in the comments section below!