MVP Friday Five: March 23, 2012

We've received some great suggestions for blog posts this past week and selected a few for you covering the gamut of Exchange Server to SQL Server.  Read, enjoy and reach out to us on your channel of choice: Facebook, Twitter, etc. with your comments or just to say hi!


1. Update and Populate LegacyExchangeDN Attribute for Exchange Mail-Enabled Contacts

By Exchange Server MVP Zahir Hussain Shah | @zhshah

Zahir walks through the steps for troubleshooting your Exchange Mail-Enabled Contacts, and populating the necessary LegacyExchagneDN attribute for the Mail-Enabled objects, for the proper flow of emails to these Mail-Enabled Objects.

2. RDS in Windows Server 8, What’s New, the Summary

By Remote Desktop Services MVP Freek Berson | @fberson

A series of blog posts and feature highlights to show you some of the new features related Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 8 (Beta).

3. Recovery Advisor Feature in SQL Server 2011

By SQL Server MVP Suherman STP | @emantin34

This is a video tutorial about a new visual timeline in SQL Server Management Studio to simplify the database restore process. The timeline can be used to specify backups to restore a database to a point in time.


4. SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Lengthens Life of SQL Server 2005!

By SQL Server MVP Neil Glenn Barbilla Gamboa

SQL Server 2012 is now the flagship product of Microsoft when it comes to handling data … but with SSDT’s help, SQL Server 2005 is here to stay for a bit more.


5. WCF Async Queryable Services Architecture Overview Video

By Data Platform Development MVP Matthieu Mézil | @MatthieuMEZIL

Matthieu shares his video covering the WCF Async Queryable Services Architecture.