MVP Friday Five- MVP Summit 2012 Edition

We have a special MVP Friday Five for you this week in honor of the 2012 MVP Global Summit that has been happening here in Redmond! These stories from MVPs who attended cover their experiences meeting and learning from other MVPs. Get a feeling for what it’s like to be an MVP in Redmond for this annual event, and tune back in next week for our regular Friday Five content.


1.  The Takeaways from MVP Global Summit 2012

By Zune MVP Marques Lyons | @tromboneforhire

“I wanted to, on a more larger scale, say to every MVP that you are doing something fantastic that not only affects business people and consumers, but other MVPs as well […] At the end of the day, even MVPs could sometimes need a little help or a boost or a word of encouragement. Events like MVP Summit provide that opportunity and it’s always an opportunity that gets taken advantage of”


2.  From the MVPs: My 2012 Global Summit Experience

By Visual C# MVP Joseph Guadagno| @jguadagno

“All in all, the Summit is an event that you should not miss if you’re an MVP. Whether you need to take vacation time or pay for it yourself, it is well worth the time and investment. As I always say, it is the family reunion for the family you actually like.”


3. MVP Global Summit 2012 - BizTalk360

By BizTalk MVP Saravana Kumar |@saravanamv

The initial idea of BizTalk360 was originated from 2010 summit while having dinner with some of the great BizTalk MVP folks in Redmond. The original idea was to build some web based administration console for BizTalk server. Like any typical chit-chat over coffee, after the summit everyone went on their own way and nothing materialized. Couple months after the summit I started to work on the idea”


4. How’s Microsoft Doing with Community Involvement?

By Sql Server MVP Jen McCown | @MidnightDBA

“In the introduction to the seminar, we found ourselves talking about the truly wonderful SQL community, and the very communicative and supportive Microsoft SQL Server teams available to the world at large.  I don’t know of any other technology group with such a large and open community involvement.  So yeah, this is fairly close to my nerdy, nerdy heart.”


5. My 2012 MVP Global Summit Experience (So Far)

By SharePoint Server MVP Ivan Sanders |@iasanders

"Second and if I am totally honest our team of SharePoint MVPs have become my best friends, we share so many things in common and have have so many of the same issues that it would almost be impossible for us not to become close. But none of this would have been possible since we come from all corners of the world and may never get to spend enough time together to form these relationships if it wasn’t for the MVP Summit."


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