MVP Mark Minasi Shares His Enthusiasm For Windows 7!


MVP Mark Minasi is an enthusiastic speaker on Windows, client and server operating systems. In his recent interview with Adam from TechNet Edge, you hear Mark’s enthusiasm for the forthcoming release of Windows 7! Mark recently presented 7 sessions at the recent TechEd 2008 in Europe. Take a look at his TechEd talk on Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

MVP Mark Minasi is a best-selling author, popular technology columnist, commentator, keynote speaker, and “all-around alpha geek”. He is probably best known for his books in the Mastering series (Mastering Windows Server 2003, Mastering Windows NT Server, Mastering Windows 2000 Server, Mastering XP Professional, etc) and his perennial hardware PC repair and fix-it book The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, now in its 13th edition. His monthly columns in Windows IT Pro Magazine are among the best-read in the periodical. Mark has also authored 19 other technology books, spoken on technical topics in 20 countries, and written and performed in a dozen technical education videos!