MVP Mitch Garvis upgrades son's school to Windows 7, saves school thousands

Canadian MVP Mitch Garvis was recognized by ComputerWorld Canada for his generosity to his school.

itWorldCanada reported:

When Mitch Garvis asked his son’s elementary school teacher to print a document and the teacher asked him to come back and pick it up the next day, he realized something was wrong with the school’s IT system.

 “I asked, ’Can’t you just print it up now?’ He said, ‘Well, it takes about thirty minutes to log on and open the program and get it printed,” said Garvis.

An independent IT consultant based in Oakville, Ont., Garvis decided to tackle the issue and volunteered to overhaul the school’s computer labs and network. The IT makeover involved 30 computers spanning administration, classrooms and the computer lab at Meadow Green Academy’s south campus.

Garvis installed Windows 7, updated the computer's RAM, and saved the school thousands of dollars by making their network more efficient and easier to maintain.

The experience for Garvis was extraordinarily positive. He encourages others who have IT experience to see how they can help in their communities.

We applaud Garvis for his generosity. He is not simply an expert in his field, but he is a postive example to the community.


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