MVP Showcase Winners!

What started as a small, side project has grown into one of the most popular events at the MVP Global Summit.  Over 65 MVPs from around the globe were selected to participate in the MVP Showcase held Sunday night.  Each presentation was unique, thoughtful and inspiring.  

"Every one of the MVP presentations is different," said Showcase organizer and Microsoft Community Program Manager Kari Finn.  "The passion for their work, community spirit and drive to build unique apps, programs and platforms is what really makes this event succeed."   

Attendees were asked to select their favorite MVP presentation at the Showcase.  After all the votes were tallied the winners are...

1st Place

Sebastiano Galazzo - Italy - Microsoft Azure MVP

Title: Brain-wave analysis through mobile EEG
Description: Brain-wave analysis is a game changing UX experience, bringing innovation to sport, health and entertainment.

2nd Place

Tatsuya Ishikawa, Bin Matsui, Akiko Yamanouchi, Takaaki Suzuki,
Yuuki Izumoto, Jimmy Rishe, Hiroshi Maekawa and Hideyuki Kashiwagi - Japan -

Title: Friendly                                           

Description: Friendly is the most efficient automation library for Windows application, containing WinForm, WPF, and Win32 app and can directly call methods or properties through the wall of processes!

3rd Place

Mike Halsey - United Kingdom - Windows Expert (Consumer) MVP

Title: Community Help and Tutorial Video Production

Description: Extend your community reach by producing your own videos.  Get a primer in editing, production, presentation and the tools required ahead of a full side-session on Thursday at 10am.

4th Place

Alex Thissen & Samuel Blanchard - The Netherlands/France - Visual C# and Windows Platform Development MVPs

Title: Retro gaming on the Microsoft platform

Description: Come join Alex and Samuel to talk about retro gaming: writing emulators and games for 8-bit and 16-bit game consoles with C#, C++ and C, plus interfacing with classic gaming machines, all using Microsoft technologies.

5th Place

Jamie Dixon - USA - Visual F# MVP

Title: Building the Terminator

Description: If your name is Sarah Connor, you may want to skip this booth. For everyone else, learn how the Terminator uses the Kinect and an external facial recognition service to identify targets, the Kinect and Phidgets/Netduinos to track our targets, and the Dream Cheeky Missle Launcher hack to 'terminate' targets.