MVPs Discuss the MVP Award and PDC

Prior to PDC10, MVPs visited our Redmond campus for an MVP-only event. We were able to catch up with MVPs David Kelley, Nik Kalyani, Ginny Caughey, Robert ZeltPeter Kellner, and Rob Gillen. We chatted with them about what the MVP Award means to them and about the importance of attending PDC. 

The pre-PDC event featured NDA sessions and and a great opportunity for MVPs to network and connect with each other and the Microsoft product teams. While we were there, we chatted with MVP Ginny Caughey about developing for Windows Phone 7. MVP Michael Wood and community evangelist Brian Prince sat down with us to discuss Windows Azure as well! We will be posting our conversation with Ginny, Michael and Brian next week, so watch for that! We have also posted some photos from the pre-PDC event on our Facebook!