MVPs Quoting Seven Heaven


Ever since Windows 7 was available for testing, MVPs from around the world have not been shy in expressing their feelings for the new operating system! The following quotes are just a small sample of the feedback we received from MVPs in our Middle East and Africa region.


MVP Ahmed Bahaa from Egypt said, “After using Windows 7, I believe that it is an acronym for:

W = Wide spectrum of functionalities

I = Incredible User Experience

N = No Comparable GUI Operating System

D = Data Indexing faster than Vista

O = Open for Business

W = When will you migrate to it?

S = Secure..Secure..Secure

7 = 700 Million Licenses Expected to be sold”


“We tested Windows 7 against Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. The overall results were very promising for Windows 7. It outperformed its predecessors Vista and XP in almost every factor we tested and ranked #1.” – MVP Dhafer Hammami from Tunisia


“Today I am working on my computer with Windows 7 and I am happy about it.” – MVP Tamir Khason from Israel


“I was really impressed, Windows 7 is really much faster than any of the previous operating systems I have ever worked with. This not only points to Windows Operating Systems, but also compared to the Mac OS. Without going into any technical comparisons, you can simply feel this with the start-up and shutdown times.” – MVP Tarek Majdalani from Kuwait


“We've been testing and evaluating Windows 7 from the first beta release with our customers. It is the most enthusiastic and encouraging OS. We haven't heard about any hardware or software problem. Go for Windows 7!” - MVP Mesut Aladag from Turkey


“I can honestly say that the Release Candidate version of Windows 7 is the best operating system I've ever used. Performance and other improvements in Windows 7 are fascinating. It's hard to wait for the release of Windows 7.” – MVP Tamer Oz from Turkey


“This is the sixth version of Windows I have been using, and I can easily say that so far it is the best one I have encountered. I am using these words while keeping in mind that this is only a release candidate! Congrats, fellow programmers in Redmond” – MVP Cenk Tarhan from Turkey

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