Quick Tips: Using Group Policy Objects as an Alternate Lync Policy Method

The following post was written Lync MVP Paul Bloem 

In Lync 2013 much of the user behaviour is managed by Policies such as found at CsClientPolicy. That’s really good for locking down users etc., however..

What if you needed to lock down - not the actual user but rather the device? 

Take for example a Citrix environment. When a user is logged on to their PC (Fat client) you want them to have full Lync functionality. Should the same user log in to a Citrix session you may want to remove the Audio and Video capabilities within the Citrix environment. Since the Lync Policies govern the user account it isn’t possible to give the user two profiles from a Lync perspective.

The answer is simple.

This can be done by Group Policy Object (GPO). The published Lync client bootstrapping policies can be found here, what I am outlining here are registry key entries not included in the TechNet article.

 By using GPOs you are given the ability to manage the Lync client behaviour within a Citrix Session, effectively achieving the concept of a second profile for the Lync user based on the GPO.

 The key we need is





Below is a list of DWORD entries I have found useful specifically when you want to manage Lync Clients based on where they are logging in to Lync from





Comment\Use Case



0 - False

1 - True

Simply a grey out the emoticon button






0 - False

1 - True

IM icons and menus are removed




0 - False

1 - True

Presence Note box is removed




0 - False

1 - True

Had a request for this by the education industry. Apply when students are doing exams so Lync won’t run



0 - Not Configured - Incomming PSTN Calls but not able to dial out on PSTN, also hides Keypad

 Work and Mobile options removed from menu



Keypad removed



1 - UC Enabled (Enterprise Voice + Lync calls)


3 - Dual Mode (Enterprise Voice + Remote Call Control + Lync   calls)


4 - RCC-Only Mode (Remote Call Control, no Lync calls)

 No Lync to Lync Calls, removed call Lync from menu

5 - IM and Presence Only (No audio or video calls)

 Audio and Video controls removed



The regkey does not exist so needs to be added.


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