Recap: MVP Global Summit 2016


It’s that time of year again, when our wonderful MVP community really has the chance to shine.

We know you’re active and enthusiastic all year round, but it’s never more evident than during the Summit. This year, thousands of Microsoft community leaders from 73 countries took the trip to our headquarters in Redmond to celebrate MVPs. And what an exciting week it was!

More than 2,500 dedicated MVPs, RDs, and Microsoft Product Group Leaders joined together to engage in conversations about cutting-edge Microsoft technology. For many, it was the trip of a lifetime - not only did participants come away with tons of valuable knowledge, but also with great memories hanging out with fellow technical pros.

The Summit featured an incredible 600 deep technical sessions and hands-on workshops, which were hosted by product teams and technical experts. This included interactive sessions, during which participants evaluated plans and shared community feedback. The workshops consisted of hands-on labs, solution-based workshops, or OSS hackathons - here, participants could really leverage their skills and dive deep into our technologies.

One of the many Summit highlights included Distinguished Engineer and Technical Evangelist James Whittaker’s pre-day session, in which he led a talk about mastering the art of personal expression. Another great pre-day session was led by Jono Bacon, the author of critically acclaimed The Art of Community, during which he spoke about how to lead great communities. 

Participants attended their fair share of social events, too. The Summit featured a community welcome reception on Monday night, which was retro themed with lots of arcade games and delicious food. Even more, the Regional Community Program Managers (CPMs) and the Product Group hosted two separate happy hours. MVPs in attendance were able to learn more about MVP program events, as well as share their ideas, exchange solutions, and meet new people.

Additionally, this year was the first time the MVP Global Summit hosted a Diversity & Inclusion Reception. Lots of great speakers presented at the event. One MVP, who is visually impaired, shared her experiences in the industry, as well as her passion for ensuring standards around accessibility. We also had an MVP speak about being a transgender woman in tech, and how acceptance and inclusion had had a positive impact on her ongoing career success. She also mentors and coaches other women to help them move from analyst roles, to developer roles, so they may achieve higher salaries and realize their full potential.

“Through technology, you can impact so many people’s lives. And when we start within our own industry, to embrace more diverse cultures, we’re able to then transform the products that we built into products that feed better to our society, and to our community,” said Yina Arenas, Principal PM Manager, in this Channel 9 video filmed at the Summit.


MVP Global Summit fun

We loved seeing the Summit buzz on social media. Check out what some participants got up to below!

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It was great to see you all at the 2016 MVP Global Summit. And we’re looking forward to seeing even more of you next year.