SharePoint MVP brings the Gift of Computing


Microsoft MVPs already spend a considerable amount of time sharing their knowledge with technical communities. However, an MVP from the UK has taken his love for learning and technology to the next level.

SharePoint MVP Alex Pearce is head of IT at Great Barr School in Birmingham, UK. Recently, he travelled with two teachers to Sierra Leone. The UK team travelled to Africa to learn how they could transport redundant computers from their school in Birmingham to a school in Sierra Leone.

In a recent interview, MVP Alex said: "First of all the school has no power so we are going to need to raise the money to buy a generator and to build something in which to house it. Secondly, we are going to need to raise the money to fund a security guard who will live in the computer building to prevent the equipment being stolen. We also want to set up a satellite link so that the school can have direct access to our e-learning resources. Finally, we are going to need to put air conditioning in the room to combat the challenges of the African climate, then we have the small issue of how to get the computers from Great Barr to Sierra Leone."

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