Silverlight 2 is in Control


MVP Dan Wahlin has published two great articles on Silverlight 2. The first article looks at how Silverlight controls can be used to capture and display data. The second article looks at how developers can use control templates to manage the “look and feel” of controls and how they can be customised to render applications. If you are Silverlight developer both articles are a great read.

Dan is a .NET development instructor and architecture consultant at Interface Technical Training. He founded the XML for ASP.NET Developers Web site, which focuses on using XML, ADO.NET and Web Services in Microsoft’s .NET platform. Dan is also on the INETA Speaker's Bureau and has spoken at several conferences. Dan has co-authored/authored several different books on .NET including Professional ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and XML for ASP.NET Developers.