Talking Cloud with Windows Azure MVP Yves Goeleven

Windows Azure MVP Yves Goeleven

How long have you been an MVP?
I’ve been awarded for the second time now.

How did you first start in community?
I started out in the community in 2005 when the first and largest Belgian .net oriented user group,
Visug, got founded by some colleagues of mine.

Which technical community or communities are you most active in (where can
people find you)?

Today I run the Belgian Windows Azure user group, Azug, you can always find me at any of our
events. But as we have a lot of user groups on Microsoft related development topics here in this
small country, you can also find me there.

What's the best technical tip you have today for implementing a cloud deployment?
The most important thing is to unlearn what you know from on-premise software development.

When considering using the Cloud, what do you tell people if they aren't sure about moving to the

Most people I meet are daunted by the architectural implications on their applications when they
have to be deployed in a distributed environment, especially since Belgium is a very small country
most people were not aware of the implications. Then I kindly give them a demo of the open
source framework I’m contributing to, NServiceBus, which drastically simplifies development of
distributed applications. You can read more about the Azure support for NServiceBus on

Do you have a blog/website link to Cloud related tips or deployment stories you would like to

My blog is full of those :-),

Speaking from your experience, what words of advice do you have for new MVPs?
First of all, enjoy.., it’s an amazing experience! And secondly make sure that you build your
network with other MVPs and the Microsoft product group.