Introducing The MVP Award Blog Technical Committee!

The MVP Award Blog is pleased to announce the launch of its Technical Committee! While in the past we asked MVPs to elect their own technical editors, this often left them scrambling to find someone to revise their work. So from now on, this fine group of MVPs - the Technical Committee - will technically edit each Technical Tuesday article published on the MVP Award Blog! This will not only make it easier for MVPs to submit more expert content, but it will also add more consistency to the blog overall.

So here they are! We're looking forward to all the great, new ideas they bring to the table.


gerald-versluisWindows Development

Gerald Versluis is a full-stack software developer and Microsoft Xamarin MVP from Holland. After years of experience working with Xamarin and .NET technologies, he has been involved in several projects and built several apps. Not only does he like to code, but he is also passionate about spreading his knowledge - as well as gaining some in the bargain. Gerald involves himself in speaking, providing training sessions and writing blogs or articles in his free time. Follow him on Twitter @jfversluis




simon-timmsVisual Studio and Development Technologies

Simon Timms is a member of the ASP.NET Monsters along with David Paquette and James Chambers. Together they explore the exciting world of ASP.NET, Azure and European castle purchasing through videos, blogs and in person training. Unfortunately he's been unable to secure a castle as of yet, because they're crazy expensive. Follow him on Twitter @stimms.





albert-duanCloud and Data Center Management

Albert Duan is senior technical manager in TSTI (TATUNG SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES INC) where he focuses on Microsoft solution integrations, including Windows Azure Pack, VDI, System Center, Hyper-V, Azure and PowerShell automation. He teaches a cloud computing university course, in which he promotes Microsoft cloud and datacenter solutions. From 2012-2015, he was an instructor for TechDays Taiwan, with a focus on datacenter management, private cloud, and Hybrid cloud sessions. It's a great honor for him to be a Microsoft MVP. Follow him on Twitter @albert_duan.



robert-di-lelloEnterprise Mobility

Roberto Di Lello is a Senior Consultant in Infrastructure based on Microsoft products. With more than 10 years of experience in IT industry, Roberto is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified System Administrator: Messaging (MCSA+M) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). He's worked in projects involving Migration, Implementation, as well as Support of Microsoft Windows Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server and Communications environments. Roberto is one of the founders of Grupo Latinoamericano de Usuarios de Exchange (Exchange Server UG for LATAM based in Argentina), which has more than 400 Exchange Server Users in Latin America. Follow him on Twitter @RaDiansBlog.


su-fanWindows and Devices for IT

Fan Su, nicknamed gOxiA, is a ten year Windows and Device for IT MVP. He's the founder of the Microsoft Technology Alliance in Henan, and has a Microsoft product and technical information-rich blog, seen here. Keen on learning about and promoting Microsoft products and technologies, Fan specializes in Windows Client/Server technology, Windows SBS product, Windows Deployment, Office 365, Azure, Microsoft Virtualization technologies as well as IIS, DNS Hosting technology in the field of application. Follow him on Twitter @gOxiA.



damian-sinayBusiness Solutions

Damian Sinay has more than 15 years of experience in the software development and IT industry. He started working with .NET framework when Version 1.0 was in the beta stage. He is Microsoft MVP in Dynamics CRM development. Damian runs his own consulting firm, Remoting Coders, a Microsoft Partner Company specialized in Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server implementations and customizations as well as custom development in .NET and C# in general. He has previously authored CRM 2011 Unleashed, CRM 4.0 Unleashed, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting and Business Intelligence books. Follow him on Twitter @damiansinay.



james-chambersMicrosoft Azure

James Chambers is a software developer and solutions designer, an advocate for excellence, a mentor and a student of the craft. He currently works in the financial industry with a focus on high-performance and scalable solutions based in the cloud. Though his passion is in the Microsoft stack, James carries a wealth of experience from a myriad of technologies, bringing value to projects through a diverse and eclectic background. Follow him on Twitter @CanadianJames.





Data Platform & Office Development

Tony Champion is a software architect with over 20 years of experience developing with Microsoft technologies. Tony is an active participant in the community as a Microsoft MVP, international speaker, published author, and blogger. He focuses on a wide range of technologies - from web solutions to native apps across platforms, including Windows, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. He can be found on his blog at and on twitter @tonychampion.




manpreetOffice Servers and Services

Manpreet Singh is a SharePoint Consultant based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's a Microsoft MVP for Office 365 Servers, and well as a C# Corner MVP. He's worked on 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 versions of SharePoint. Manpreet is experienced in all aspects of SharePoint activities - such as migration, documentation and enhancements. He's also been a developer, team lead, and consultant on the development of app projects. Follow him on Twitter @manpreethere.





Ouch Liu is a Windows Development MVP from Taiwan. He's devoted to front end solutions like WPF, Silverlight, Flex and AIR, but also backend solutions such as ASP.Net, SOAP, ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net Web API. Even more, he's interested in UI/UX design. He's spoken at various Microsoft seminars over the years, and is good at making slides took pretty with PowerPoint. Follow him on Twitter @Ouch1978.




Note: We're still looking for a few more members to join the Technical Committee! Vacant categories include Visio, Word, Access, Excel, OneNote and Outlook.  Please speak to your CPM if you think you'd be a good fit.