The MVP Show In Taiwan: An Interview With MVP Shih-Ming Tung (董是明)


Microsoft MVPs are some of the best technical experts in the world. They enthusiastically share their knowledge of Microsoft technologies with the community, and are always keen to experiment with new developments to solve real world problems. Channel 9 is pleased to announce the first episode of its new series, The MVP Show.

In the show, Senior Technical Evangelist Seth Juarez travels the globe to meet MVPs and discuss the amazing work our community is doing worldwide. He speaks with MVPs about their latest projects, what inspired them to get started, and how they hope to advance in the future. On top of that, viewers get an exclusive MVP tour of some amazing global cities!

In this first episode, Seth heads to Taipei to meet Shih-Ming Tung (董是明), a Windows Development MVP and Software Engineer at Yahoo. Shih-Ming is an expert in C#, Xamarin and iOS development. Through reading books and attending Microsoft seminars, he's also taught himself to build his own Messenger bot - which can do things like check the weather, and determine the emotions portrayed in a photo, as well as what’s happening in it.

“A robot acting vividly as a real human being does exist in the future world. The robots can speak and have the powerful capacity to function as [a] partner [to a] human being -  let alone some of them can even ‘think,’” said Shih-Ming to the MVP Award Blog.

“However, what actually operates inside are programs. During programming, I thought it [was] very cool that I could use my intelligence to empower the cold machine with wisdom and life.”

Shih-Ming says that after becoming an MVP (he’s been awarded 7 times!), he met a lot more technical experts in the industry, including ones from abroad. The community pushes him to keep moving forward on his technical ventures.

“MVP’s are industry experts who have an incredible wealth of knowledge around the latest products and innovations in the technology space,” said Microsoft Global Manager Karen Juhl. “This new video series on Channel 9 aims to highlight some amazing people in IT...and showcase some of the mind-blowing things they are doing with Microsoft.”

To learn more about how Shih-Ming developed his bot - and visit some awesome Taipei attractions - check out the episode here!