Top 5 MVP Monday Blogs of 2014


1. Calendar Federation with an Exchange Hybrid photo  photo

Office 365 MVP Loryan Strant and Exchange Server MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck

In this blog post Exchange Server MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck and Office 365 MVP Loryan Strant will attempt to bridge the divide between the on-premises world and the cloud – and why sometimes it doesn’t always work as we expect.

A great feature of Exchange Server 2010 and 2013 is the ability to share calendar Free/Busy information with users outside of your organisation. This is also the case with Office 365 – and in fact is even easier for users to do.

However in the situation of a hybrid between Exchange Server and Exchange Online there can be a very small caveat that can cause confusion. To continue reading, click here

2. PowerPoint and Excel: Perfect Partners for Dynamic Tables and Dashboards photo

PowerPoint MVP Glenna Shaw 

PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 introduced improvements to a lot of features, but sadly PowerPoint Tables was not one of them (and I can say the same for Word Tables). In both apps, pretty much the only thing you can do with tables is add rows and columns, type in the information and, either apply a pre-existing style or laboriously create your own style which you can’t even save as a template.

So what‘s the alternative? In PowerPoint there is a little talked about feature under the Insert, Tables section of the toolbar called Insert Spreadsheet. To continue reading, click here

3. Using OneNote with the Surface Pro3


SharePoint MVP Corey Roth 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an amazing device and OneNote works quite well on it.  When it comes to using OneNote with the Surface Pro 3, you have the option of using the OneNote 2013 (the desktop application) and the Windows 8.1 Store application.  By default, it will use the Windows Store app when you activate it with your stylus.  This can be changed though (read on).  The feature sets between these two applications vary. This article is going to cover note taking on the Surface Pro 3 as well as what the handwriting experience is like using both applications to help you decide which works best for your needs.  To continue reading, click here 

4. Using ObjectDataSource with ASP.NET ListView for Entity Framework 6



Visual C# MVP Ming Man Chan

This article consists of three subsection:

  • Create an ADO.NET Entity Data Model
  • Add a model class for Object Data Source binding
  • Add and configure Object Data Source and ListView

When you are try to create an EntityDataSource in VS 2013 you will have this error:

The provider did not return a ProviderManifest instance in VS 2013 and EntityFramework 6

In order to resolve this one of the choices is use ObjectDataSource. To continue reading, click here


5. Better Best Bets with Lists in SharePoint 2013 photo 

SharePoint MVP Mikael Svenson 

Best Bets or Promoted results is a great way to give end-users the answer to their search query without the additional click to open a page or document to locate the precise information they were looking for. Bing and other search engines already have many examples of this if you for instance look for weather information or currency conversion. To continue reading, click here