Windows 8 Super Hackathon

MVPs from around the world gathered in Belgium to judge and participate in the Windows 8 Super Hackathon. Nearly 200 developers amassed to test their skills building Winhackathondows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications. A small group of MVPs were asked to participate as judges for the event.

The hackathon coding ran for approximately 16 hours, from 08:08 in the morning until 23:30 at night. An estimated 40% of the attendees were students, many of whom also attended TechDays a few weeks earlier.

The event was captured heavily by national press, including newspapers (De Tijd (Belgium's first business & economic journal), Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Belang van Limburg), radio (Radio 2), and other periodicals (DataNews (Dutch), Solutions Magazine (French).

The Windows 8 Super Hackathon also generated a great deal of social buzz, with over 400 tweets in a day by 86 contributors using the hashtag #superhack .

3 winners were selected by our jury, based on app completion and several quality criteria including app pitch, app potential in the Store and cloud connection:

1st place went to the Fit Beast app, a management interface for your Fit Bit device, developed by Denis Huvelle and his colleagues.

2nd place was awarded to Finds, an app that helps you discover places to eat, drink, enjoy nature, find a party, etc. in Flanders, which was developed by a team of students (Team 6tiict), led by Tom Dupont.

The 3rd place winner was Ataxx! , a classic board game in the style of Reversi and Go, built by Peter Van Weert.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants! If you're inspired to create a Windows app, take a look at the Windows App portal and look for future hackathons in your area.