Windows Mobile MVP wins Swedish IT Consultant of the Year Award!


Wow! MVP Andreas Sjostrom, has was won the IT Consultant of Year Award in Sweden. The judges at IDG awarded Andreas the coveted award for his community and media efforts in supporting Windows Mobile. Andreas has been involved in designing enterprise mobile solutions since 1998. Together with Christian Forsberg he wrote, "Pocket PC Development in the Enterprise", published by Addison-Wesley. He is a regular columnist for IDG Computer Sweden and Microsoft's developer site, MSDN. Most of his technical articles can be reached through his website,

You can read an edited excerpt of the IDG interview with Andreas below.

Please note the post has been translated from the original blog post and edited for clarity.


[IDG] Congratulations on winning the prize as the IT Consultant of the Year Award!

Andreas - Thank you. It feels great. The prize is an important confirmation not only for me, but for the customers, partners and employees that I had the privilege to work with.

[IDG] What are you particularly proud of in the past year?

Andreas - The team I work with and the projects we have delivered. I am also proud of the Most Valuable Professional award from Microsoft, which I received for the sixth time.

[IDG] Why are you so good in just Microsoft software?

Andreas - Microsoft has a product approach that suits the IT consultant. The approach focuses mainly on platform and development tools. Thus, creating the basis for an entire ecosystem of products and services.


You can read the full interview with MVP Andreas Sjostrom on the IDG website