Windows Server 2008 Delivers for Brazil


Brazilian MVP Aurelio “Baboo” Minerbo, has recently migrated a forum application written in PHP to Windows Server 2008 + IIS7 with excellent results. The site experienced stability problems when 9,000 users were concurrently connected. However, since the migration the site can now handle more than 22,000 users!

Aurelio, noted that the company has increased flexibility, because it can successfully run both PHP and Microsoft® ASP.NET applications on Windows Server 2008, and Baboo, is planning to add new features to attract even more users. The company also plans to consolidate all of its Web applications on to the new server. As a result of the migration, Baboo has seen a significant rise in user registrations and advertising revenue has also increased. You can read more about the migration as a Microsoft case study. An excellent result for Windows Server 2008 and IIS7!

MVP Aurelio is the head of one of the largest computing websites in Brazil. The site is also one of the largest discussion groups regarding Microsoft technologies in South America.