Women and Technology—A Powerful Combination

More than 50 MVPs came together for the second annual Women in Technology session in Bellevue today to discuss the challenges, opportunities and growing influence of women in technology.

Microsoft Group Manager of Community and Influencer Programs, Lourdes Orive, kicked off the event by noting that women today play an unprecedented role in consumer technology buying decisions. Senior Community Program Manager for the Visual Studio Lisa Feigenbaum moderated a stellar panel of highly influential women in technology—all of whom offered thought-provoking and often inspiring perspectives.

This year’s panelists included Linda Averett, Microsoft Director of Program Management for the Experience in Windows, Julia Liuson, Microsoft Partner Director of Development for Visual Studio, Mitra Azizirad, Microsoft General Manager of the Developer Tools Marketing and Sales team in DPE, SQL Server MVP Stacia Misner, an independent consultant specializing in business intelligence technologies, Tracey Trewin, Microsoft Principal Director of Program Management on the Visual Studio Ultimate team, and Karen Lopez, a Senior Project Manager and Architect for InfoAdvisors.

We spoke with Lourdes and Lisa about the issues that would be discussed at today's event. Get a sense of today’s conversation.