MVPs deliver presentations at Campus Party Brazil

Brazilian MVPs, Maurício Alegretti (XBOX), José Antônio Leal Farias (XNA), Ramon Durães (Visual Studio ALM), and Bruno Sonnino (Client AppDev) delivered presentations at Campus Party, edition Brazil, which happed at the Anhembi Convention Center in São Paulo, from February 6th to 12th, and had a total of 7,500 attendees. Worldwide the number is 178,770 participants!


Their presentations were:

  • Kinect, Natural User Interface and Windows Phone 7 – Mauricio Alegretti
    The lecture opens with a theoretical introduction to the evolution of computer and gaming interfaces over the years, the challenges of implementing a controller-free natural user interface solution, and how Kinect changed the whole NUI game. The pace then changes to coding, with live demos of how to use the Kinect for Windows SDK v1 and Visual Studio 2010 to capture and interpret image, depth and skeleton events and frames and how to work with the Speech Recognition Engine. Finally, the lecture ends with a code demo of how to create an UDP broadcast server to transmit skeleton data over Wi-Fi to a Windows Phone 7 application.

  • Developing Applications with Windows Phone 7 – Bruno Sonnino
    Microsoft has a new platform for smartphones. Windows Phone 7, while using known technologies for .net developers (Silverlight and XNA), brings a lot of new concepts, like new UI, different application lifecycle and new controls. This talk will show how to develop applications for Windows Phone 7, using these new features.

  • Creating Games with DirectX - José Antonio Leal de Farias

    Technologies come and go, but only one remains over time: DirectX. With the new Windows 8 in sight, could not be different, and in this talk we will explore this technology, its characteristics and resources, especially under the new aspects needed to create games for Windows 8 and the Metro interface.

  • Building Applications for Windows 8 - José Antonio Leal de Farias
    The Windows 8 presents a new opportunity for developers around the world. However, its new API and the new METRO interface brings other challenges for developers and designers. In this talk we will explore the new features of this operating system, technologies and tools that will enable the creation of new applications for the platform.

  • Creating Games with HTML5 - José Antonio Leal de Farias
    Learn how HTML5 can be an excellent platform for both games for the web and for mobile devices like iPhones and Androids. Practical examples and programming tips to help you create your next game with this new technology platform.

  • AGILE ALM using SCRUM and Team Foundation Server 2010 – Ramon Durães
    The SCRUM is one of the major frameworks used nowadays for Agile Project Management. Check out this session on how to use its artifacts in Team Foundation Server by applying the concepts of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and getting the best of both worlds. Integrate the project with agile software engineering practices, standardizing communication and contributing to production quality code.

Check the MVPs in action during their presentations




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