Export images from a SQL Server Table to a Folder with SSIS

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Export images from a SQL Server Table to a Folder with SSIS


I have seen a previous tip that explained how to import multiple images to SQL Server. This was a great tip, but now my question is: is it possible to do the opposite? Can I export images from SQL Server to a file in Windows? What SQL Server options are available to do so? Check out this tip to learn more.


Very simply, the answer is "yes". In this tip let's use SQL Server Integration Services to export images from SQL Server to the c:\images folder. In this tip, I will outline the requirements and step by step process to export images with SQL Server Integration Services in order for you to learn and duplicate the process.


I am using the SQL Server 2012 with the SQL Server Integration Services installed. This example should work in SQL Server 2008 as well.

In this example I will use the Adventureworks 2012 database, but earlier version of the Adventureworks database should have the same information.

An "images" folder was created on the c:\ drive.



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