Where do I place my Cache Layer?

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Where do I place my Cache Layer?

You can virtually place your Cache access operations (read/write) wherever you have data, but in order to design modular and maintainable software it’s a good idea to centralize these operations into a separate layer to encapsulate and prevent ripple effect when changing the underlying provider (imagine that you start using Memcached, however your design should be good enough to allow a migration to somewhere like AppFabric Caching Service). Now the question is: where does exactly in my design fit the Cache layer?

The worst answer I can think of it’s replying with only one possibility. As a software Designer/Architect you should consider many scenarios and chose the best. Avoid facing your design decisions with a golden hammer / silver bullet. A common poor answer is placing the Cache layer between your Business and Data Layers. Another common answer is placing it between the Data Layer and the underlying data store.


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Fernando García Loera (Community Program Manager – Latin America Region)

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