VS 2010 RC Is Available

We’ve been hard at work here in Redmond (and with our team in Shanghai) working on getting WF ready for release.  We’ve made a ton of progress in the RC build that was made available yesterday, please download it and check it out.  Also, and in important bold text, if you have feedback, please, please, please file an issue on Connect so that the team can look at it right away.   One thing that I want to point out about Connect is that it is not a vacuum, the entries there go directly into our bug tracking system, which we look at daily in our various shiproom meetings.  If something isn’t working right, please let us know!


We’ve fixed a number of issues that came directly from Connect in this last milestone, including some areas that revealed some gaps in our testing.  Your feedback is making this better.  For bugs that we’ve marked as postponed, as we start planning for vNext, we will start going through those to figure out the areas we need to improve on. 

It’s cool the home stretch, this morning I presented to our support team to get them prepared to handle any PSS incidents that occur.  It’s great to see the release coming together.