Project code named 'Mercury' (not "SQL Server Web Data Administrator")

Granted, I was asking for this. When we were starting the development of the follow-up version of (here comes the culprit) the new SQL Server Web Data Administrator, Euan was still my boss and asked me to change the name. Long story short, Shipping SQL Server has priority, and I couldn't imagine myself sitting in a room full with lawyers in that stage pondering over names.

We thought up a code name at the time (I think Euan came up with this) which is ‘Mercury’.

So, if you see ‘SQL Server Web Data Administrator’ just read it as ‘Mercury’ (or “Project code named ‘Mercury’ ”) if the site has not been updated yet.

I was going to ask you for suggestions for a new name (this being a shared source project, so why not have a name figured out by the community as well)… I will figure that one out once I get back from TechED Europe.

So there, Euan! [:D] Project Mercury is here. And being demoed Wednesday at TechED.