Outlook:Mac usability study in Mountain View, California

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area, available during the week of June 21, and want to help us determine the future of Outlook:Mac?  My team is conducting a usability study for Outlook:Mac.  I need people who meet the following criteria:

  1. You use a Mac at work, and your Mac is your primary work computer.
  2. You use Tiger (10.4.x) or later.
  3. At work, you connect to an Exchange Server with your Mac.
  4. You use mail and the calendar several times per week on Exchange.
  5. You are in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are willing to come to my lab in Mountain View.
  6. You are available for ~2 hours during the week of June 21.

If you meet all of these criteria, please email uccoord@microsoft.com with "Mac Office" in the subject line.  

In a usability study, you will come to my office in Mountain View, California.  My team will show you some ideas for what we might do in a future version of Outlook, and we'll ask you to do some specific tasks.  You don't need to bring your Mac; we'll provide everything you need for our study.  Just bring yourself, and be prepared to tell us what you think about what we're showing you.

If you don't meet all of these criteria, then watch here for future announcements of usability studies.  

If you want to see a cross-section of usability studies that are conducted by Microsoft, you can follow Microsoft User Research on Facebook.  They posted this study on Facebook earlier this week: Do you use a Mac at work? Help improve Office for Mac in a research study.