Q&A: what Apple news sites do you read?

In the comments to my last post, someone asked what Apple news sites I read. I looked over to my newsreader and discovered that the list was way longer than I realised (I'm such a geek), so this gets its own post. These are in alphabetic order, since that's how they show up in my newsreader.

  • 9 to 5 Mac: They're a pretty new entrant into the Apple news space. They've stayed in my newsreader because I think that they do some great analysis, and they're not as fanboy as some of the other Apple sites out there.
  • AppleInsider: A good ole-fashioned rumours site. They generally post about five stories per day. In general, they focus more on the hardware and OS side of things than software.
  • Cult of Mac: Written by Leander Kahney (author of the book of the same title) and Pete Mortensen, this site is a mix of thoughtful analysis and puff pieces (like the Steve Jobs in a tie from a couple of weeks ago).
  • Infinite Loop: Ars Technica's Apple blog is one of the better news sites. With five or six writers, they cover all things Apple pretty well.
  • MacRumors: I got my job because of MacRumors (yes, really), so I have a soft spot for them. This site and AppleInsider are the two most rumour-y sites that I read.
  • The Apple Blog: Lots of commentary, some news. They're not the first to report on anything, but they're thoughtful enough that they haven't been kicked out of my newsreader.
  • The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Great mix of hardware, software, and third-party news and tips. They don't get rumours first, but they'll pick up the more interesting rumours that are going around the other sites.

There are some other Apple-related blogs I read, but they're not about Apple news and rumours. They include (again with the alphabetical order):

  • Call Me Fishmeal: This is Wil Shipley's blog. Shipley is the man behind Delicious Monster. He's got an ego roughly the size of Montana, but he's got some good coding skills.
  • MacApper: As you're smart enough to figure out from the name, this is a site dedicated to Mac apps. It's a great way to learn about all sorts of nifty Mac apps. They've got a high enough ratio of apps that I wasn't aware of (or had forgotten about) that they stay in my newsreader. I bought UniSudoku a couple of weeks ago because I was in need of a casual game and it had just been reviewed there.
  • MacWindows: A site dedicated to the integration of these two platforms. This site is mostly geared towards hardcore IT geeks, and you'll find lots of information here about Entourage/Exchange, virtualisation solutions, Boot Camp, and networking.
  • NSBlog: Mike Ash (of Rogue Amoeba) has a blog mostly focused on developing Mac apps. It's a great blog if you want to learn more about the ins and outs of being a developer.
  • The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Bar none, Fake Steve writes my favourite Apple-related blog. He's both funny and insightful. My favourite non-Apple target of FSJ's is the OLPC.

There are lots of other things in my RSS reader (the other MacBU blogs, lots of UX ones, a few WinOffice folks, and some random sprinklings of other stuff), but now you have the highlights of my Mac reading list.