Q&A: what's the best way to get help with Entourage?

In my post about how you can help improve Exchange, I got the following question:

What's the best way to get specific help to issues regarding Entourage?

There are plenty of options:

  • The Entourage online help. We've put plenty of time and effort into making the Entourage help as awesome as it can be. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you think that our help could be better, more clear, or something else, then help us help you. At the bottom of every help file, there's a one-question survey: did this help you? Click the appropriate button. There's also a comment field if you want to give us more details. We analyse those comments every month. That analysis leads to changes to the help files, or new ones getting written, or changes to the content plans for the next release.
  • Call Microsoft tech support. You get two free calls to tech support with your purchase of Office 2008. We've got people dedicated to providing support for Entourage, and they're really good at it.
  • Try posting your question to the Entourage product forums. There are lots of Entourage experts who hang out there and answer questions.
  • There are other Entourage-specific forums like the entourage-talk mailing list. I'm subscribed to this mailing list, although I very rarely need to answer a question there because the other experts have beaten me to it.
  • The Entourage help page is maintained by our ever-awesome Entourage MVPs, and has lots of awesome information in it. They also have a blog, and they're on Twitter too.
  • There's this blog as well. Look through my posts that are tagged with Entourage, Exchange, or Outlook. You can leave comments, which I try to answer, although all of the above methods will get you a much faster response to your question.