Valleywag endorses His Steveness

In honour of Super Tuesday, Silicon Valley gossip rag Valleywag has now endorsed Steve Jobs for President. Their reasons? As quoted from the site, these are their reasons:

  • State of the Union address will need to be read on Engadget.
  • Taxes $200 higher for early filers.
  • Dialing any goverment phone number gets a recording, "Did you know that you can get many of your questions answered online at"
  • White House press briefings closed to everyone except Walt Mossberg.
  • American flag: Black, with one white star in the middle.
  • $6 trillion budget most expensive ever, but fits into a manila envelope.
  • Foreign policy: "Boom."

Well, I'm glad that I haven't filed my taxes yet. Any other reasons that you'd vote for His Steveness for Prez?