want a sneak peak of Outlook:Mac?

Edited on 21 January 2010: This study is now filled, so please don't contact me directly about it. You can sign up to participate in future usability studies here. Thanks for all your interest!

As we've already announced, Outlook is coming to the Mac. I can't post details about it here yet, but I can offer up another way for you to see what Outlook:Mac might look like. My team is conducting another usability study of Outlook:Mac. The next study will take place in Mountain View, California, during the week of January 25. For this study, I need users who meet the following criteria:

  • use a Mac for work purposes
  • connect to an Exchange account
  • use mail and calendar several times a week

If you meet these criteria and are available to participate the week of January 25, please contact me with your name, daytime telephone number, and email address. I'll forward your details along to my recruiter, who will call/email you to ask you a few more questions and hopefully get you signed up.

If you don't meet these criteria, aren't in the Bay Area, or aren't available that week, there's still more opportunities. My team is doing lots of work, so this isn't your last chance. You can sign up to participate in usability studies to get onto the list of potential participants.

And if you don't meet these criteria, but you know someone who might, please don't hesitate to send a link to this blog post to them. :)

Edited on 14 January 2010 to clarify some things.

The study is being conducted at my lab in Mountain View, California. You must come to my lab to participate. Due to the nature of this study, I cannot conduct it with someone who is not physically in my lab. If you are not in the area and thus cannot participate in this particular usability study, my team does conduct studies elsehwere, and you can sign up to participate in them here.

This is a usability study and not a call for beta participants. When we have beta plans to share, I'll do so here, and I'm sure that we'll post over on Mac Mojo, the team blog, as well. Please don't mail me at this time telling me how great of a beta participant you would be, because I can't do anything with that information right now.