Improvements from Beta2 to Beta3 in TeamBuild

1. We have now included a command line utility to manage builds. It is called TfsBuild.exe can be located at %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE. It is available in Build Machine SKU and Team Foundation Client SKU. Here is the screenshot of the tool.


2. One of our customer top requests was to enable continuous integration through TeamBuild. We are putting up a white paper and a sample to explain this. It should be on msdn very soon.


3. We have made several significant improvements with P2P references. Users can now use P2P references between unmanaged projects, managed à unmanaged and vice versa. Unfortunately, these fixes could not make into PDC build (50727.26), so users will need to wait for Visual Studio 2005 RTM version. We have also fixed a good number of bugs with ASP.NET web projects references. These should be available in PDC bits itself.


4. We have fixed significant number of issues with Test integration.


TeamBuild now offers almost every feature that is in Team System Testing Tools. Some of noteworthy features are:

a. Enabling code coverage.

b. ASP.NET Unit Tests

c. Remote test execution


And some of TeamBuild specific improvements include:

a. Running tests from desktop build

b. Deleting test results from build reports

c. Better presentation of test results in build reports

d. Customization of build type to include multiple test metadata files and test lists


Note: The user will need to install Team System Testing Tools (VSTT, VSTD or VSTS) on the build machine to enable this feature.


5. We have enhanced TeamBuild web services for users to push external build data into TeamBuild opstore. These are Add* and Update* web methods in BuildStore.asmx. Users should be able to integrate 3rd party build processes into TeamBuild through this feature.


6. The build report has been completely revamped for much better presentation:



7. We have made fixes to build machine to accept requests only from legitimate Team Foundation Servers to tighten from security aspect. The build machine now ties up with one Team Foundation Server at any time. The user may redirect to a different server by changing HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\TeamBuild\AllowedTeamServerof the TeamBuild service account on the build machine.