Incremental Builds using TeamBuild

Performing incremental builds in TeamBuild is very straight forward. Here are some details on how to get it setup:

Create the build type that you would want to do incremental builds with and perform the first build. This will create the required workspace, and get all sources on the build machine.

Do the following simple changes to this build type before starting the next build:

1. TeamBuild cleans intermediate build folder and sources folder in Clean target. You will need to skip this target since you want to keep these files intact for the next build. Set the property SkipClean to true to achieve this.

2. TeamBuild deletes and recreates workspace to clean sync the sources. You will need to skip this target as well, to do incremental sync. Set the property SkipInitializeWorkspace to true to achieve this.

3. Optional: by default, the Get task does a ‘force’ get. You can set the property ForceGet to false to do a normal Get.

So, this is what you will need to add in TfsBuild.proj:






Let me know if you run into any issues or need help in customizing this further.