I have been using Microsoft Word since the windows 3.0 in the 90's and I should admit that whenever I used a newer version of it, I was pleased about the new features added in each one of them.   The main thing that I liked about Word for Windows is the WYSWYG and you need not remember the commands for editing your content.  As a school going kid, I used like doing stuff over a PC, and the only thing my dad used to allow me was type his papers/docs in a editing software Chiwriter on 8086.   And that was something that was not completely satisfying since typing/editing docs using it was not fun.  But few years later, i found myself using Word with this nice GUI and it was really fun.  Though chiwriter had some kind of spellchecker, the spellchecker in word was far more easy to use and I liked the Grammer check utility in word.  Many things fascinated me like copying images and manipulating them into word, creating banner fonts using WORDART, copying movie clip to word and playing it from there etc. 
 And for the past few days I have been using Word 2007 and its really awesome.  What I liked is the live preview (In older version, suppose you select a piece of text and change the font, you have to really wait for the operation to complete to see how your new font looks like. But in Word 2007, u just press the down arrow on the keyboard over the fonts drop down, and your text changes fonts).  There are lot more new features like changing the page size using the zoom bar etc.
Its really nice to play with the next version of word thats going to improve users document editing experience.