My PDC Presentation - slides and demos

As promised i'm posting my slides as well as demos from my talk PRS324 - Using Data in WPF applications.

You can access my presentation at   PRS324

My 1st demo built up to show  singular Binding, list binding, DataTemplate, CollectionView/MasterDetail and ValueConverters. This one is available at Technology foundation demo . Note that in addition to what i showed in my presentation, i have added Buttons to do MoveNext and MovePrevious on the page. Also i've added a MultiBinding and MultiValueConverter to bind the position of the Clock hand to show the relative amount of time left for the auction to end which required me to bind to both RemainingTime and StartTime.

My 2nd demo showed flexible Template selection and the power of DataTemplates, where you can put anything ranging from 2D, 3D, Media etc. This demo is at DataTemplatePower .

In this demo I also showed a Grouped View of my data which easily grouped the same ListBox, to have 2 levels of grouping, each group having its own Style where one group is grouped simply by the property Category while the second group uses logic based on the Bid count to determine the grouping. Note how this particluar view is also Sorted in the CollectionView - all declaratively! You can access this at GroupedView .

My 3rd demo showed flexible layout in the list controls and specifically used TreeMap Panel to layout the children of the ItemsControl. In addition it showed how easy it is to support hierarchical data in WPF, by having an ItemsControl inside the DataTemplate for another ItemsControl. Also this particular sample is bound to ADO.NET DataTable. This demo is at TreeMap ADO demo

My 4rth demo showed databinding to xml into a TreeView using HiearchicalDataTemplates. This sample is at TreeView Xml demo.