HP ProCurve Open Network Ecosystem (ONE) launches with Microsoft as a key member

The Hewlett-Packard (HP) ProCurve Open Network Ecosystem (ONE) is a new partner alliance program for ProCurve, the networking division of HP. Microsoft is a key member in ProCurve ONE and an important element of the alliance is interoperability with NAP.

Here is a quote from the NAP team's very own General Manager, Tim Sinclair:

"HP ProCurve ONE will help customers resolve interoperability concerns by delivering an open standards-based solution that is effective and efficient. The combination of the HP ProCurve ONE initiative and Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) will provide customers with enhanced security and policy-based access that helps reduce downtime and boosts return on investment."

For more information, see the Newsfactor.com article at http://www.newsfactor.com/news/HP-Launches-ProCurve-Alliance/story.xhtml?story_id=1230040K3ZM9.