Tool for migrating IAS configuration settings to NPS is now available!

Configuration settings for the Internet Authentication Service (IAS) in Windows Server 2003 are stored in .MDB files. Configuration settings for Network Policy Server (NPS) in Windows Server 2008 are stored in .XML files. If you install Windows Server 2008 on a computer already running Windows Server 2003 (known as an in-place upgrade), the configuration settings are automatically migrated from the .MDB to the .XML format.

When Windows Server 2008 shipped, there was no capability to export the configuration settings of an IAS server to a format that can be imported on a different NPS server. For example, if you wanted to replace an IAS server with an NPS server running on different computer, there was no direct way to migrate the settings of the IAS server to the new NPS server. IAS supports the export of its settings with the netsh aaaa show config > path\file.txt command. However, the format of the exported text file could not be used by the netsh nps import path\file.txt command on an NPS server.

To address this migration issue, the NPS product team is proud to announce the availability of a Windows Server 2008 hotfix that contains Iasmigreader.exe, a command-line tool that exports the configuration settings of IAS on a computer running Windows Server 2003 to an Ias.txt file. Ias.txt is in a format that can be imported on an NPS server running Windows Server 2008 with the netsh nps import path \ias.txt command.

See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 955995 for the hotfix and more information.

Download, export, import, and enjoy!


Joe Davies
Senior Program Manager