Stsadm Resources

It’s been FAR too long since my last blog post. November came and went as I did SharePoint 2010 overview after overview. December has been fun with an all-day SharePoint 2010 “Best of SharePoint Conference” event that I put on in the Detroit area. We help five sessions including a “why upgrade” talk, a SharePoint 2010 end user overview, SharePoint 2010 development, SharePoint 2010 admin and governance what’s new, and a SharePoint 2010 upgrade how-to talk. It was a full day. We had a similar event in Grand Rapids, MI that got snowed out but that’s been rescheduled for mid-January.

Anyway, I had a request come in that led me to validate a few operations available with the stsadm command line utility. I did a quick search and found some great stsadm reference sites that I wanted to share.


WSS Demo – SharePoint list

I hadn’t seen this before, but the WSS demo site has a great SharePoint list of out-of-box SharePoint stsadm commands, broken out by categories. What a great way to quickly look for an operation with examples and in many cases a link to the technet page. In my experience, this is the easiest way to navigate the out-of-box stsadm operations.



The most authoritative listing of stsadm commands. Maintained formally by Microsoft, but some operations may also have community content. 


Custom stsadm commands

Gary Lapointe has a number of custom stsadm commands that he’s published. There are certainly other custom commands besides these, but Gary has done a great job of covering a number of needed administration areas. Gary also has some PowerShell Cmdlets as well (more on that option in another post):


Windows App to run stsadm commands

I’ve never used, but here is information on a windows-form application that gives a graphical UI for those folks that need to use stsadm but are scared off by the command line. I think this also is a big boost for non-English speakers who need to use stsadm operations:


This post is as much a help to me (bookmark) as anyone else on this post, since a quick search in bing will bring up these same great resources.