Exciting new bindings for WCF<->Java Interop

When configuring web services you have a lot of choices.  You have security algorithms, token types, encodings, reliability and many other settings to worry about.  Now when your clients and services are written using different stacks the challenge becomes finding configurations that both share.  The good news is generally there are configurations that will work between many of the major web services stacks.  The bad news is it is often difficult to figure out what these configurations are and then it’s a challenge to configure both sides correctly.

I’m a little bit late to this party, but last week we released a set of new bindings along with Visual Studio 2010 integration that makes finding matching configurations and applying that configuration to WCF as simple as navigating a wizard.  All this goodness, the WCF Express Interop Bindings, is available on codeplex right now.  These bindings along with our previously released white papers provide a road map to achieving interop over some the most difficult WS-* standards (security, secure conversation, reliable messaging, MTOM).  Here’s what others are saying: